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Subject: My Babies! Post your stories here.
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petunia0 12/6/2006 - 8:55:35
5 years ago I purchased my first Shih Tzu. Everything avalanched from there. I am now the proud owner of 9 hairy little dust mops! And my husband & I love each and every one. *

petunia0 12/7/2006 - 6:15:09
Mr. E. Presley started everything! He is white with brown spots. He also has liver colored eyes, mouth and nose. According to AKC breed standards, this is considered a flaw. I thought he was the most adorable animal I had ever seen! My husband tried not to like him, but gave up the fight after just 3 days. Now E. travels with my husband all over the U.S. in a tractor-trailer, and E. is his best friend. *

peacha 9.08.08 - 10:19am
hi there..ihad shihtzu too b4 she died two yearz ago she was ma lil gal..so luvly n spoilt lol x *

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